When a medical emergency occurs, a swift response from EMTs and paramedics dramatically improves survival rates. To ensure medical personnel can arrive on the scene quickly, ambulance services are routinely dispatched. 

However, obtaining payment for these services can be tricky. At New England Medical Billing, we’re committed to providing seamless ambulance billing services and impressive collection rates. As well as attending the latest Fire Chiefs Association of Massachusetts Professional Development Conference, you’ll find us at major events and conferences throughout the year. If you want to find out more about the services we offer, why not stop by and talk to a member of our team?

In the meantime, take a look at 5 key ways ambulance billing services can help your organization…

1. Reduced Expenditure

Chasing missed payments and following up on overdue invoices can be a time-consuming and laborious process. If you’re attempting to manage these tasks in-house, there’s a good chance it’s taking you away from your core business areas and main priorities. 

Collecting unpaid ambulance bills often requires liaising with numerous parties, such as hospitals, doctors, patients and insurance companies. Instead of spending days attempting to contact each party, you can rely on a reputable third-party to handle this burden. In doing so, you will free up your own time and ensure you have the freedom to focus on growing your business. 

While outsourcing ambulance billing services may seem like an extra expenditure, it invariably reduces your overall operating costs and enables organizations to grow at a faster rate. 

2. Higher Collection Rates

Successfully collecting unpaid ambulance bills requires tenacity and determination. To achieve consistently high collection rates, we have a team of knowledge and dedicated personnel, as well as the latest technology. This combination enables us to outperform the majority of in-house teams and allows us to deliver consistently high rates of collection. 

Furthermore, our top priority is collecting outstanding payments on your behalf. This means we have the time to focus our efforts on our main objective. In comparison, in-house teams are typically faced with numerous additional issues, which minimizes the amount of time they are able to devote to chasing outstanding bills. 

3. Faster Payments

As well as collecting a higher percentage of unpaid invoices, specialist ambulance billing services can ensure you get paid more quickly too. At New England Medical Billing, all claims are worked within 24 hours of receipt to ensure you receive your payments as swiftly as possible. 

In addition, we generally have insurance information available within 24 hours and pass 98% of claim submissions on to insurers cleanly. For businesses, cash flow can be a major issue in terms of maintaining your operations and achieving commercial success. By ensuring you get paid promptly, ambulance billing services keep your firm functional and facilitate commercial success.

4. Specialist Knowledge

Medical billing is a complex area and one which requires specialist knowledge and understanding. From comprehensive coding to documentation analysis, experienced service providers have the in-depth knowledge needed to undertake successful billing management. 

This not only facilitates faster payments; it helps to minimize the risk of disputes too. Medical billing documentation must follow established protocols to be valid. If mistakes are made, this could limit your ability to recoup outstanding invoices. By using a specialist service to manage your ambulance billing, you can ensure that your business operates in accordance with the standard regulation and industry practices at all times. 

5. Account Management

When liability falls to insurance companies, they may have numerous outstanding invoices to settle. This requires careful account management to ensure that funds are allocated and recorded correctly. Alternatively, self-pay patients may require extra advice and information to help them navigate the complexities of medical billing. In some cases, hardship payment plans may need to be implemented in order to recoup outstanding funds. 

With a variety of different needs, establishing effective account management within the healthcare sector can be tricky. By using the latest technology to monitor, maintain and update accounts, specialist ambulance billing service providers are able to provide unrivalled account management. 

When professional account management solutions are implemented, information can be accessed in seconds. This ensures real-time access to the latest data and allows personnel to make decisions according to actionable and data-driven analysis and insights.  

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