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Medical billing for a specialty medical clinic is complex and always changing making it difficult for the business office to effectively bill and collect for services. Errors in billing, delayed billing and not having enough staff to adequately work claims ends up costing clinics where it hurts the most; their bottom line. Our flexible business model, regional teams, and advanced billing technology create immediate outcomes for specialty clinics.

Why We Are the Right Choice:

Where most specialty medical clinics run at more than 20% in 90 days+ A/R, our clients enjoy less than 10% average in overall 90days+ A/R. We do this by making sure all charges and payments are processed and placed in the system for payment within 48 hours of receipt from your office. We work denials or insurance rejections also within 48 hours of receipt. We maintain state-of-the-art technology and are continuously updating to be sure our processes are the most efficient. We answer your questions within 48 hours and provide the customized reports you need to know exactly where your business stands at any given time.

Clinics We Specialize in Include:

Cardiology Medical Billing, Chemical Dependency Medical Billing, Dermatology Medical Billing, Epilepsy Medical Billing, Family Practice Medical Billing, FQHC Medical Billing, Gastroenterology Medical Billing, Internal Medicine Medical Billing, Mental Health Medical Billing, Methadone Medical Billing, Multi-Specialty Medical Billing, Neurology Medical Billing, Ob/Gyn Medical Billing, Oncology Medical Billing, Orthopedics Medical Billing, Pain Management Medical Billing, Pediatric Medical Billing, Plastic Surgery Medical Billing, Podiatry Medical Billing, Psychology Medical Billing, Reproductive Medicine Medical Billing, Rheumatology Medical Billing, Sleep Medicine Medical Billing, Surgery Medical Billing, Urology Medical Billing, and more!

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