Regarding billing, medical institutions worldwide are experiencing a significant dilemma. In almost every healthcare system, problems with issuing, tracking, and paying invoices exist. Some difficulties originate from the patients, while others originate from the medical institutions. They need the most novel, compelling, and sophisticated medical billing and payment systems. 

Medical billing for specialty clinics has its challenges because of many factors. Any standard medical billing company may not address a specialty clinic’s pressing concerns and challenges. 

Let us first understand what challenges a specialty clinic faces and how NEMB can help overcome them. 

The Challenges Of Medical Billing For Specialty Clinic

As you may assume, Medical billing for specialty clinics may vary from claims for typical healthcare services. Before submitting claims for specialty clinic billing, it is essential to know which services may and cannot be claimed. Important components of specialty services include referrals and previous authorizations. Some treatments offered by specialized clinics are optional and just services for self-improvement that the patient desires. 

Apart from this, other challenges include:

1. Patient Information

All providers have the problem of educating and informing their patients about their bills. When patients are better informed about their bills (amount, payment alternatives, and methods), they are much more inclined to avail themselves of the services and pay for the same. The patient must be clear regarding what their insurance coverage covers and what specialty services of your hospital the insurance doesn’t cover. 

2. Timely Payments

Receiving payment promptly, whether from an insurance provider or the patient immediately, may be challenging. Some providers of medical billing software assist in maximizing on-time patient payments. Additionally, being a specialty clinic, patients availing of some of your services may not be approved by the insurance provider. Many insurance companies will immediately deny a claim when there is no medical need. In light of this, specialty clinics must determine which treatments are covered by insurance and what are not. 

So to avoid delayed payments, it is always better to convey what services the insurance covers. 

3. Filing Multiple Claims

The need to submit several claims is annoying for many, especially for specialty doctors. Nephrologists, for instance, must simultaneously submit numerous dialysis claims, and they must file each manually without a means of creating claims in bulk. This has a considerable negative impact on practice productivity and clinical workflow.

4. Inadequate Technology

Lacking technologies to appropriately prioritize, manage, and route claims, specialty clinic medical practices are unlikely to speed denial handling and collect income due to them by patients and carriers. Even if a practice’s staff is well-versed in the method, it is impossible to manage claims and other medical billing for specialty clinics successfully without the right technologies.

New England Medical Billing For Speciality Clinic

Running a specialty clinic is a pride since you can effectively address various medical conditions, and specialist-level detail is also necessary for your billing and coding. The certified and professional coders of NEMB know to bill for a wide range of specialties and general practices. We are trained to seek the frequently overlooked processes you carry out to get peace of mind and focus on your practice.

With us, good coding goes beyond simple data entry. NEMB offers everything you need for a competent billing function for your medical billing for a specialty clinic. 

NEMB understands that physicians need an experienced billing and coding specialist to assist them in managing the changes, maintaining compliance, and preserving profitability. Because it is less costly and more precise than in-house invoicing, outsourcing has grown more common. Furthermore, NEMB has the knowledge and experience necessary to enhance your revenue and profitability.

We recognize the significance of optimizing your revenue since each missed payment or reimbursement equates to working for free.


Let the expert billers and coders at New England Medical Billing maximize your payments and streamline your billing process for your medical billing for specialty clinics. When you observe the growth in your monthly income, you’ll acknowledge that our expertise, skills, and technologies make the difference.


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