We’re living in a technological age. No matter what field you work in, or your area of specialism, it’s likely that you’ll find yourself regularly finding new tools and practices that will help to maximise your productivity and boost profits as a result. This applies to the medical field too! New ways to increase efficiency, maximize medical precision are constantly being worked up and if your practice is going to keep up with competition and stand out from the rest, you’re going to have to ensure that you’re always up to date and using the best tools and practices possible. Something that many companies are currently looking into is cloud based medical billing. Now, this may seem like a relatively complex addition to your medical practice, but it’s more than worth the investment. Let’s take a moment to get to grips with the basics of cloud based clinical medical billing and some of the benefits that it can provide you with!

What is Cloud-Based Medical Billing?

First and foremost, it’s important to thoroughly understand what cloud-based medical billing is. Put simply, cloud based medical billing removes your practice’s need to use outdated paper billing methods. Many practices – smaller practices in particular – are still in the routine of storing medical billing records in paper form, tucked away in filing cabinets. However, this isn’t the most efficient, secure or reliable way of storing these records. Sure, it can work. But having physical copies of billing information takes up a whole lot of room that could be being put to better use. It also means that your billing records could be prone to destruction should disaster strike. Cloud-based medical billing offers an alternative solution, where medical billing records are stored in the cloud. Put simply, you can manage your files online and save them in a secure and remotely accessible place! This is a much more convenient, space saving and secure means of storing your medical billing documents.

The Benefits of Cloud-Based Medical Billing

There are multiple benefits to using cloud-based medical billing in your practices. We’ve briefly touched on some above, but let’s take a moment to look at some benefits in further detail below!


As you will be well aware, security, privacy and confidentiality are absolutely essential when it comes to any patient data within healthcare. Though billing may not seem as private as information regarding medication, procedures or other important data you may collect and store, it still needs to be kept away in a place where people are unable to access it without permission. When you store medical bills in the cloud, you can ensure that it is password protecting and that the data will not be breached or leaked.

Physical Security

While paper medical billing documents can be kept secure behind lock and key in a filing cabinet, you cannot guarantee that the filing cabinet will not become damaged in some way. In a worst case scenario, fire, flooding, or other disasters could irrevocably damage tangible, paper documents. When you store your medical billing documents in the cloud, they become digital and cannot be destroyed in a physical manner.

Bills Can Be Easily Retrieved

Looking for specific bills can be a chore in even the most organised filing cabinets. When you store bills in the cloud, you simply have to save each bill under logical and searchable file names and you’ll be able to pull them up within a matter of seconds. This is much more convenient for staff and patients.

Ideal for Use Across Practices

If you have practices or surgeries in a number of different locations, cloud-based medical billing will prove much more efficient than tangible billing. Anyone with access to these documents will be able to access them regardless of which practice themselves or a patient have been working at or attending. If patients visit multiple locations, their bills can easily be retrieved in any of them! This reduces limitations and wasted time.

Multi-Device Use

When your medical billing is stored on the cloud, it can be accessed on a variety of devices – whether that’s a computer, laptop, tablet or even smartphone. This minimises wasted time and ensures that practitioners can easily access information that they need, regardless of where they are. This could be in surgery, during a home visit, or working remotely.

As you can see, cloud-based medical billing really is the future! It holds so many benefits that it’s more than worth the investment and adjustment!


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