In today’s epoch, the healthcare system has become a complex marketplace to manage. The medical clinic administrator has mounting daily tasks on their desk to complete. A prominent area is medical billing, administering audits, updating fee structures, and many more. 

However, to execute accurately, medical billing demands technology, training, focus and professionalism. And for this, New England Medical Billing (NEMB) can help you with its efficient medical billing services. 

Here’s the list of services offered by New England Medical Billing (NEMB):


1. Ambulance Billing: 

The ambulance billing is the primary responsibility of the Emergency Management Service (EMS) workers. This service type is similar to other medical billing services. For proper implementation, it requires a proper understanding of coding and billing guidelines. Nevertheless, the stage is inconvenient for both the patient and the clinic. 

NEMB prioritizes making the ambulance billing task easier for you. It offers proprietary software for the job. Moreover, it provides professional billers and coders. For instance, each biller knows the range of coding and billing protocols. As a result, it becomes easier to fasten the process. Through its seamless technology, NEMB Group can assist you with: 

  • Verification of patient policies involving communication to insurers and insureds.
  • Account Receivables administration
  • Self-Pay Collection Handling
  • Documentation Review and Coding
  • Thorough reporting and financial assessment
  • Front-end education, process documentation and training
  • and Ongoing assistance and guidance.


2. School-based Medical Claiming

These programs permit districts to request compensations by the three district channels that include Cost Reconciliation, School-based administrative claiming (SBAC), and  Direct Service Billing or Fee-for-Service Billing. 

All these avenues aid students in accessing essential therapy and healthcare services while they receive their education. But, implementing such a plan requires huge resources. Besides, adding additional staff or purchasing new software is a difficult or impossible choice in most schools.  

NEMB facilitates all aspects of the School-based Medicaid billing process. Hence, from the resources for gathering the necessary documentation of services to the filing and reviewing of Medicaid requests, you get a helping hand for each case. Specifically, the NEMB Group services can be divided into two categories. They are Administrative Activity Claiming (AAC) and Direct Service Claiming (DSC). 

The AAC service involves:

  • Following regulations of HIPAA and FERPA enforcement
  • Data researches
  • Training
  • Medicaid Eligibility Enrollment Results
  • Administrative Cost Analysis
  • RMTS Quarterly Reports
  • Random Moment Time Study (RMTS) Surveillance


The DSC service includes:

  • Direct Service Cost Reporting
  • Quarterly (Interim) Billing
  • Provider Service Documentation
  • Student Eligibility   
  • Provider Eligibility


3. Speciality Clinic Medical Billing

In the last two decades,  many specialty clinics have remained fiercely independent while others have merged with systems and larger groups. Each specialty clinic that remains independent will have its own culture of care and specialty patient base. Patients also need to understand which specialty clinics are permissible by their particular insurance plan. Some networks are closed to outside groups. A specialty clinic referral or prior authorization must be assessed prior to actual service provision. 

Medical billing for specialty clinics may vary from claims for typical health systems. When submitting claims for specialty clinic billing, the first step is to know the referring providers, authorization requirements and contracted in-network insurance carriers. Meanwhile, the specialty groups may not have the contracting leverage that larger groups have and need to accept lower reimbursement rates. Fee schedule audits allow negotiation on specific specialty services offered. 

NEMB group supports the specialty clinics by ensuring that all transactions and refunds are processed and entered into the system within 48 hours of their receipts. Additionally, the team often responds to denials or policy rejections within 48 hours of receiving them. 

The cutting-edge software is constantly upgrading to ensure that your processes are as effective as possible. Some of the clinics that the NEMB group specializes in are Oncology, Reproductive Medicine, Plastic Surgery, Family Practice, and Cardiology.



The NEMB group aims to make healthcare reimbursement easier. The robust infrastructure and technology backing with medical billing and coding specialists make the medical billing tasks convenient for all healthcare infrastructures while saving money and time to concentrate on other key areas. To know more about the services offered, you can visit NEMB. The team is highly professional and ethical, providing transparent medical billing services.


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