Most healthcare providers would give you common reasons for wanting to become a doctor.

Some would say they want to help people heal, while others are clear on wanting to care for the ill. Some will go for the usual cliche; it’s always been their dream to become a doctor, and it’s their calling.

In all of the possible scenarios, the one thing no one will tell you is: “I couldn’t wait to code my charts!”

No healthcare practitioner is passionate about coding and billing. At the same time, it’s an integral part of the clinic’s success.

Various technological advancements have made this process bearable. As such, healthcare providers don’t have to do the charting and coding manually as they use clinical software that facilitates these processes.  Below are the top features to look for in Clinical Medical Billing Software.

Eligibility Verification

Insurance can determine requirements for services, such as a referring provider and pre-authorization. Having a system that checks eligibility based on upcoming appointments can prevent your clinic and your patients from getting a huge bill not covered by insurance. You want a patient to know their out of pocket before they proceed to the clinic. Moreover, the clinic must find out that their insurance cannot pay without authorization before they are in front of the doctor. 

To avoid being in such unplanned situations, your front desk obtains the insurance information before the physician’s appointment. The system runs eligibility which is possible through the eligibility verification feature. If there is an issue you can call the patient to get new insurance information or reschedule if needed.

The said feature protects the patient from paying for services they had not planned for, especially because they were unaware of their insurance status. It will save a lot of time as there will be minimal technicalities. Finally, the feature will keep many patients from cancelling their medical appointments.

Electronic Superbill

The non-customizable paper version of Superbills is a hectic process. It is no longer efficient, especially for busy healthcare facilities. A qualified clinical medical billing software company would offer an electronic superbill instead.

Healthcare facilities and organizations can personalize procedures that replicate more precisely the services each client receives. Electronic superbills are efficient as they are simpler to use. Each patient has a form that suits the services they are receiving. There is some order in the entire procedure.

Doctors don’t have to begin from scratch formulating the bills. It saves a lot of time, especially for healthcare providers who need to see other patients.

Electronic Remittance

The electronic remittance advice (ERA) is an electronic file of the explanation of benefits, comprising the same facts. Insurance companies that provide ERA forms offer upgraded record-keeping for healthcare facilities and organizations. Clinical medical billing software lets you import data concerning the payments they have dispatched. Electronic remittance can reduce the staff needed to manually pull and process payer information.

In most cases, clients don’t know anything that happens after leaving their claim documents with the healthcare facility. However, with the electronic remittance feature, you can track the payment information. The payment information is available for all the claims under your account.

Payment Reminders

The human brain does not work as quickly as an electronic system. The human brain can easily forget, and it can store information efficiently for long periods. That is why clinical medical billing software is important for the healthcare organization.

It contains the payment reminder feature. This feature gives healthcare organizations and facilities a soft letter to alert a client of an overdue account. Good clinical medical billing software can send such reminders electronically and via text message.

Sending the reminders electronically is efficient as the clients can receive them in good time. Printing and mailing will consume a lot of staff time.

Choose New Software That We Will Manage

Clinical medical billing software keeps changing, especially in complex medical specialities. Because of these fluctuations, it may be challenging to keep up with technology in health care. Factors such as delayed billing, errors in billing, and inadequate staff to handle the claims have been the downfall of many clinics all because they can’t keep up with their software requirements. 

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