The New England Medical Billing (NEMB) Company has been in the business of medical billing services for many years. Thus, we know the importance of being accurate and timely. Insurance carriers deny a large number of medical claims. This is mainly due to errors in the claims process, including the process of medical billing and coding. That’s where an efficient medical billing services organization can make that positive difference and increase your margins.

NEMB has a system that ensures that each claim received is validated as correct within a short time frame of receipt. We also work on claim denials and rejections daily to minimize delay and the loss of the insurance payment.

Ambulance Billing Services

Ambulance Billing Services is a niche area for which NEMB has been functioning for quite some time. We have a team of experts in ambulance-related medical billing services. These professionals work with an onus on clear communication and with the aim of relationship building.

So, you know we will put in valid, accurate claims for the services. Thus, help you maximize the revenue on your ambulance service. To date, NEMB can boast a 95% rate of collection for ambulance billing. Thus, if you own or run a hospital, large clinic, or simply operate a fleet of ambulances, you know they have got your back for medical billing services so you can focus on operations.

Specialty Clinics

The next type of organization to which NEMB can provide quality medical billing services is specialty clinics. We have our software and a flexible business model that attunes itself to the unique needs of each specialty clinic.

Medical billing for a specialty clinic can be quite a complicated process. Hence, the medical billing needs of specialty clinics are considered unique. The in-house administrative staff in the specialty clinic is often undertrained and sometimes underqualified. Therefore, they cannot bill accurate first pass claims and get medical billing correctly done without glitches.

medical billing services

On their own, more than 20% of the accounts receivables are paid to the specialty clinics after 90 days or 3 months roughly. But with NEMB, merely 10% or less of the accounts receivables takes 90 days to be approved and reach the doctors bank accounts. In case there is a rejection of the claim, or it is denied, work starts on that within 2 days of such receipt of the denial. This expedites the process, ensuring minimal wastage of time before the claim is approved for payment.

Large Variety of Specialties

NEMB currently provides medical billing services to a large variety of specialties – from Cardiology and Dermatology Medical Billing to Neurology and Orthopedics Medical Billing along with Chemical Dependency Medical Billing, Epilepsy Medical Billing and Reproductive, Rheumatology and Sleep Medicine Medical Billing. This is just to name a few. Even subspecialties as part of their various departments and branches would do well to partner with NEMB to fulfill their medical billing services.

Lastly, NEMB has also been offering school-based Medicaid billing services. We have considerable experience in this field. We provide technology that other billing services don’t and offer excellent customer service to schools for processing the Medicaid claims of their students.

Medicaid Claims and Billing Services

NEMB has sound experience and excellent expertise to process all school-based Medicaid claims and undertake associated medical billing services. They have a very hands-on team that is there to help the school authorities with all aspects of the Medicaid billing process. This includes the tools and software necessary to input correct patient/student information as well as the correct manner of submitting and processing Medicaid claims.

NEMB’s unique selling proposition lies in our totally HIPAA-compliant proprietary (self-created) software. We provide the software at no additional cost and you can use it to integrate data from various sources seamlessly. In addition, our software also meets with all legal stipulations and follows any and every guideline mandated by the government. These features help faster claims processing and a quicker billing service that follows through on your expectations without glitches.

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