We cherish the importance of education, and what we love even more is when their online classes are free. Online Class Options.

2020 has been a huge learning curve for almost all parents, teachers, and students. Pandemic has changed how children learn, and with that came the responsibility of teaching from home. Online schooling and other online classes came to the rescue. 

However, they had been around for years previously – they are just more popular right now!

What are the best online classes for students?

When there are so many choices for online classes, it can be hard to know which one is going to be best suited for you. So here is a handy list of online classes suitable for a wide range of students.Online Class Options.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy Kids app is completely free and suitable for ages 2 to 7. The videos will help children learn how to write things like letters,  social and emotional development, some basic maths. They are designed with bright colors and fun characters to make lessons interesting for the children. 

Khan Academy Regular does provide chemistry, advanced maths, civics, and more. Khan Academy Kids is available on the iPad or iPhone only though.


Perhaps unsurprisingly Scholastic has a learn at home program. It is a completely free resource that helps children learn even through any school closures. It is suitable for ages 3 to 7, and the classes are available and simple enough so the children can do them in their own time. 

There are so many activities for even the youngest kindergartener. What is great for the younger children is that there are videos  which children can watch with animated stories  and read the book alongside. 

Storyline Online

While it is essential to get some  academic work done, sometimes having a story read to you can be a fulfilling way to spend time. Storyline Online is a digital archive of books by a range of celebrities. You’ll find Sarah Silverman, Chris Pratt, Sean Austin, and David Harbour just to name a few. 

Some of the books are a bit above the reading level of six-year-olds. However, you can check the content of the story before they watch it.

Learn with Homer

This is perfect for ages 2 to 8. The learning modules arevery engaging. This is such a fun way of helping children learn everything from the fundamentals of writing to site words. 

You get a 30-day free trial, and Learn with Homer is confident that after just 15 minutes per day, children will become better readers. Membership buys you up to 4 profiles, and the cost per year is $60.

Smithsonian Learning Lab

This Smithsonian learning lab is brilliant through a resource that will give your little scientists a lot of access to very easy to use tools. You can create projects and explore ideas. The learning lab has 6000 collections that are super cool to look at. 

Smithsonian Learning Lab is ideal for ages 3 to 18. However, you might just find that as an adult  you want to join in with this one because it can teach you how to make a robot.

Code wizards HQ

The Code Wizards HQ gives an engaging and very clever coding class for young students. The Code Wizards HQ has an incredibly thoughtful roundup of all the amazing free coding apps and websites, so it gives you even more room to explore. 

If you are considering letting your child check out coding, this is the perfect place to start.

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic has always been very passionate about educating young people. This is actually ideal for all ages, and it pretty much covers every single topic in the universe. Everything from the smallest amobea to the largest planet. Very interesting and engaging for the children. This is suitable for all ages.

PBS parents

This is a great resource to help parents understand how to get their child reading more often. There is a great downloadable reading chart, and a bucket list of free downloadable activity books to get you started. You can also use that other checklist to help bolster their learning.

Google Arts and Culture

Of course, there would be no educational list complete without Google. Google Arts and culture deliver the world of science, history, art, and history brilliantly. One of the coolest things is that you can take a selfie, and you are able to compare your face to a wide range of great works of art. But only that is you can research information about museums, historical figures, places, historical events, and artists.Online Class Options.

There is a big wide world of brilliant online resources that you have access to, and these are just a few.


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