Municipalities must stretch every dollar and capture all revenue for the services they provide to the community. Ambulance services are a top priority, and communities must budget correctly to be able to provide this critical service both effectively and efficiently.

Municipal ambulance services are billed correctly and in a timely manner only when fire departments, police departments, and local hospitals work together to share necessary information. Far too often, towns and cities lose hundreds of thousands of dollars because they bill patients for ambulance services directly rather than bill patients’ insurance carriers. This occurs when insurance or demographic information is not documented in the electronic patient care report (ePCR). In some cases, ePCRs are not uploaded in a timely manner, causing billing delays and subsequent bottlenecks in the cash flow. Municipalities need a streamlined and robust process for capturing services rendered.

NEMB understands the importance of building meaningful relationships with entities and individuals within each municipality so we can ensure timely and compliant billing. Not only do we communicate regularly with fire and police departments, but we also take the time to get to know and network directly with town accountants, town managers, mayors, and others. We identify the key individuals within each municipality who can provide the critical information we need to bill ambulance services appropriately and as quickly as possible.

With nearly 10 years of experience in municipal ambulance billing, our credentialed staff members are trained in every aspect of effective municipal service billing. We specialize in auto accident claims that continue to challenge municipalities and result in significant revenue lost. We pursue auto accident claims as quickly as possible so our clients can take advantage of personal injury protection benefits before those benefits are depleted. Our expertise and focus on communication and relationship building help to maximize cash flow and ensure the fastest possible return on investment for the services provided. NEMB’s ambulance billing record has consistently yielded a 95% collection rate.

Following is a list of the services we provide:

  • Comprehensive coding services. NEMB specialists include a knowledgeable staff of Certified Professional Coders (CPC) and Certified Ambulance Coders (CAC) approved by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). We review each claim manually to ensure that all codes have been captured correctly. Our specialists also ensure that documentation supports code assignment, which mitigates the likelihood of costly denials.
  • Verification of patient eligibility. NEMB takes the time to verify patient eligibility before billing for the services rendered. We are particularly mindful of auto accident claims. We know that paramedics are focused on providing quality medical care and that they don’t always capture motor vehicle insurance information in the ePCR. Rather than bill patients directly, NEMB specialists take the time to contact the fire and/or state and local police departments to obtain this information that’s typically included in the accident report. NEMB also obtains demographic information via hospital ED demographic interfaces. We do whatever it takes to ensure a clean claim the first time around. We don’t bill the patient directly unless all other efforts have been exhausted.
  • Accounts receivable (A/R) management. NEMB provides monthly client account reconciliation and maintains files and documentation in compliance with municipal audit requirements. We also assemble and maintain all back-up data. Our specialists ensure a clean and efficient A/R process.
  • Preparation of abatement lists. NEMB confirms, retains, and advises abatement process documentation.
  • Documentation audits. Documentation is critical when it comes to billing ambulance services correctly. NEMB specialists review documentation thoroughly and provide important feedback to providers. If documentation is insufficient, you’ll know immediately, and our specialists will help you understand the steps you need to take to improve it.
  • Detailed reports and analyses. NEMB clients have access to a whole host of reports on demand. These include financial reports that are tailored for EMS director, fire chiefs, and municipal finance departments. We also provide weekly deposit reports, cost projections, fee schedule analyses, payments by payer, and more. We can customize these reports to ensure that our clients can use the reports as management tools. NEMB has a robust database that our specialists can access to extrapolate essentially any data that your municipality needs to assess or improve its business practices.
  • Front-end education and training. NEMB clients have access to ongoing coding and documentation training for paramedics, physicians, nurse practitioners, and others. We know that impeccable patient care is essential and that time is a rare commodity. For this reason, we ensure that medical providers receive only critical and relevant information, and we provide it as succinctly as possible.
  • Ongoing support and advice. We know that ambulance services are essential to the functioning of any community. Your town or city needs those services, and we pride ourselves in providing the billing support necessary to make those services possible. We help our clients stay on top of ever-changing regulations and initiatives, such as the growth of Accountable Care Organizations and how to bill for community home paramedic services. NEMB clients can be confident in knowing that we are here to answer questions, offer support, and establish a billing strategy built on communication.

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