The recent Change Healthcare breach has highlighted significant vulnerabilities in the security protocols of healthcare data systems. This incident serves as a critical wake-up call for healthcare organizations to reassess their vendor and clearinghouse partnerships. In this blog, we discuss the importance of stringent security measures and how New England Medical Billing prioritizes robust data protection strategies to mitigate such risks.

Understanding the Risks to Healthcare Data

The recent Change Healthcare breach has cast a spotlight on the critical vulnerabilities inherent in the healthcare sector’s data management practices. By examining the breach, we can identify several key weaknesses that were exploited, such as insufficient encryption, lack of robust access controls, and potentially outdated cybersecurity protocols. Such vulnerabilities not only allowed unauthorized access to sensitive patient information but also exposed systemic issues that could be present in similar healthcare organizations. Understanding these vulnerabilities is crucial as it informs the development of more robust security frameworks designed to shield against both current and emerging cyber threats.

Furthermore, the importance of data security in healthcare cannot be overstressed. It transcends mere compliance with legal standards such as HIPAA in the U.S., or GDPR in Europe. Data security is fundamentally about safeguarding the welfare of patients by protecting their personal and sensitive health information from unauthorized access and breaches. It also involves preserving the integrity of healthcare services. Reliable data is vital for accurate diagnosis and treatment; thus, any compromise in data integrity can lead to misdiagnosis or inappropriate treatments that can affect patient safety.

Moreover, trust is a cornerstone of any healthcare system. Patients share their most personal information with the expectation that it will remain confidential and be used appropriately to enhance their care. A breach not only undermines this trust but can also lead to significant disruption in the continuity of healthcare services as systems may need to be shut down and investigated. High security standards are, therefore, crucial not only for meeting regulatory requirements but also for maintaining the operational continuity that is essential for patient care. By prioritizing data security, healthcare organizations can protect themselves against financial and reputational damage and ensure they maintain the trust and confidence of the patients and communities they serve.

Strategies for Evaluating Healthcare Vendors and Clearinghouses

Criteria for Assessing Vendor Security Posture

Selecting the right vendors is crucial for safeguarding sensitive data. We outline the essential criteria healthcare organizations should consider when evaluating their vendors’ security practices, including compliance records, security infrastructure, and incident response capabilities.

The Role of Clearinghouses in Data Security

Clearinghouses process vast amounts of sensitive data, making their security measures particularly important. This section discusses how to assess the security protocols of clearinghouses to ensure they align with the healthcare organization’s standards.

New England Medical Billing’s Approach to Secure Vendor Relations

At New England Medical Billing, our approach to secure vendor relations is built on a foundation of rigorous assessment and continuous oversight. Recognizing the critical importance of safeguarding patient information, we meticulously evaluate potential partners to ensure they meet our high standards for data security and privacy. Our selection process is designed to identify vendors that not only adhere to regulatory requirements but also demonstrate a proactive stance on cybersecurity threats. This vigilant vetting helps us maintain a network of trusted partners who are equally committed to the protection of sensitive data.

Once partnerships are established, our commitment to security extends through ongoing management and monitoring of vendor performance. We employ a strategic approach to continuously assess and reinforce our vendors’ compliance with security protocols. Regular audits and updates ensure that our high standards are consistently met and that any potential vulnerabilities are addressed swiftly and effectively. This proactive approach to vendor relations underscores our dedication to data security, ensuring that our clients’ information remains protected at all levels of service provision.


The recent security incident at Change Healthcare serves as a poignant reminder of the vulnerabilities inherent in the healthcare sector, emphasizing the need for an increased focus on cybersecurity. This event has highlighted the critical importance of not just implementing but continuously evolving security strategies to address new and emerging threats. Healthcare providers are urged to adopt stringent evaluation processes for their partners and maintain vigilant, ongoing monitoring of their security practices. By doing so, they can better protect themselves against potential breaches that could compromise sensitive patient data.

At New England Medical Billing, we understand that maintaining the highest levels of data security is essential not just for compliance, but as a core component of patient care. We remain committed to leading by example in this endeavor. Our proactive security measures are designed to safeguard sensitive healthcare information effectively, minimizing the risk of breaches and ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of patient data. This commitment is reflected in our rigorous vendor selection process, where we assess potential partners against a comprehensive set of security criteria, and our continuous investment in advanced cybersecurity technologies and employee training programs.

Moreover, we understand that security is not a one-time effort but a continuous cycle of assessment, implementation, monitoring, and improvement. New England Medical Billing continuously evaluates its security policies and practices to adapt to the changing landscape of cyber threats. This adaptability ensures that we can swiftly respond to potential vulnerabilities and secure our operations from sophisticated cyber attacks.


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