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Do you wish to boost the profits of your small, medium-sized, or large-sized ambulance service? Also, do you want your Rhode Island Ambulance Billing Company to provide you with the same level of service as the big companies?

We have a one-of-a-kind strategy for your ambulance billing and collections, which sets us apart from the rest. Besides, we are a group of licensed ambulance coders who follow a winning strategy for our clients and their patients. Further, we offer necessary regular reports and information to assist you in making better business decisions.

What do we have for you?

Our Rhode Island Ambulance Billing Company presents a wide range of reworked billing services. In addition, each is handled by vetted specialists with extensive experience.

The Ambulance Billing service we offer include:

  • Invoicing and Payment Entry for Ambulances
  • Billing for Fire Inspections
  • Dealing with erroneous alarm billing
  • Billing for First Rescuers Who Don’t Have Transportation
  • Organizing and Managing Membership Projects
  • Customized ePCR Integration
  • Follow-up of overdue bills, 
  • Signing into the PCR software and running live reports 24/7/365and much more.

Maintain your billing service in good shape with zero errors

Your regular staff may be unaware of the new rules. Thus, you could expose your company to fraud charges, severe penalties, and outstanding collections. But, don’t worry! This is exactly what our Rhode Island Ambulance Billing Company can help you with. 

Our billers and coders have extensive experience working with multispecialty clinics. We pay special attention to every minute detail going above and beyond to recover your money. Moreover, we work hard to deliver the best ambulance billing services possible with the finest resources available to build an abiding connection with you. In addition, our team has extensive experience working with multispecialty clinics.

Certain billing functions that we offer involve:

  • On-time payment posting
  • Collection Tracking
  • All-in-one revenue cycle management
  • Accurate entry of patient’s demographic data, and much more.

Our billers are trained to serve their offerings per Rhode Island standards. Also, years of hard work in developing ambulance billing methods have given them the skills and experience they have been using to assist your practice in gathering more income. 

Besides, with precise coding, code audit, prompt coverage follow-up, and routined account receivable, we ensure boosting profits for your business. Certainly, our team’s knowledge of different technologies and expertise in ambulance billing processes can help your clinic expand consistently.

Fee schedule errors

Our Rhode Island Ambulance Billing Company is well-versed in all billing methods presently accepted by insurance providers. That is to say, we look at whether your pricing system enables fully listed billing or just the flat cost and distance.

Coding errors

The billers are properly trained to analyze the data sheets and select the relevant code(s). Thus, we assist in accurately depicting the patient’s care and assisting you in receiving reimbursement.

Procedural errors

The hospital billing solutions seem acquainted with relevant medicaid and compliance requirements for ambulance transportation services. Thus, it would look difficult to make a process code error. Our biller’s ability, conformity, and reliability will amaze you as the existing complex medicare requirements continue to evolve.

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