The good thing about school-based Medicaid claiming software is that it’s usually developed so as to include all the mandatory compliance features in the state of Massachusetts and elsewhere. This can remove a lot of the checking and a lot of the hassle normally associated with making claims, and it can minimize the number of denied claims you have to re-process. As with anything else though, there are varying levels of usefulness with any single software package you might choose, so some software may not be especially helpful for your school, whereas others might be a really good fit.

At New England Medical Billing, we offer our own FREE proprietary software, which we call Simple Note, which can totally simplify the process of taking notes for all your Individualized Education Program (IEP) services. Simple Note is completely compliant with HIPAA and FERPA, and it meets all guidelines required on the state and federal levels, with the added possibility of customizing the software by state. 

How Simple Note can help your organization 

First of all, Simple Note can relieve you of the administrative burden involved with having to track Individualized Education Programs. You won’t have to be concerned with information tracking, eligibility checks, or any kind of denied claims. This will free up your administrative staff to tackle larger issues which your organization is faced with. 

Another major area that Simple Note can provide valuable service is in meeting the 85% Random Moment Time Study Compliance Requirement. Our technology systems are capable of sending daily reminders to your staff, which they can then answer, and then go ahead with the rest of their daily activities. All submissions from your district can be tracked, so it’s possible to report on your status at any given point in time.

How the NEMB process works

After your providers input their data using our Simple Note proprietary software, we will receive that data at our headquarters, and prepare claims for submission to the appropriate agencies. Eligibility will be tracked and confirmed, and clean claims will be submitted with the expectation that reimbursement will be forthcoming.

When it becomes necessary to manage claim denials, we will work those promptly, so there will not be any significant delay in reimbursement. Custom reports will be provided so that you’re always aware of the status of claims, and reimbursements will be forwarded to you in the quickest possible time frame.

Working with NEMB

Is School-Based Medicaid Claiming Software worth Purchasing NEMB

When your organization works with NEMB, you can make use of Direct Service Claiming (DSC) and Administrative Activity Claiming (AAC). With DSC, services include provider eligibility, student eligibility, provider service documentation, quarterly billing, and direct service cost reporting. With Administrative Activity Claiming, the provided services include administrative cost reporting, Medicaid eligibility and enrollment reports, Random Moment Time Study monitoring, RMTS quarterly updates, training, data analysis, and compliance with HIPAA and FERPA. 

How our process can help you

The main objective of using our Simple Note proprietary system is to remove all the complexity from school-based Medicaid billing. By taking away all the administrative burden which would otherwise be placed on your staff, we help to allow more value-added activities to be performed by staff members. You can also expect a very high reimbursement rate with low numbers of denials, which we will re-work on your behalf.

You can also have peace of mind about compliance with state and federal agencies, since we are compliant with both HIPAA and FERPA. Whenever it becomes necessary to add new reimbursable services, or to alter them according to state guidelines, we can easily put those in place for you, so you can continue using Simple Note effectively.

We also are constantly reviewing and monitoring your processes, with a view toward streamlining and improving them. As you can see from the description above, it is definitely worth using school-based Medicaid claiming software, but you don’t really have to go out and purchase anything special. By using our free proprietary software, you can be assured of having the best school-based claiming system available, and you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg to use it.


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