It is believed that School-based Medicaid requires a lot of paperwork. Further, you need to maintain all the processes to keep the records. This not only consumes a lot of time but also has room for errors. Thus, it is advisable to use Medicaid claiming software for accurate documentation and reimbursement while following all the prescribed services.

In addition to these, here are a few more factors that can help you understand the importance of purchasing such software.

Audit Ready

This is one of the most critical aspects of any Medicaid claiming reimbursement. The software has built-in compliance checks. Thus, they verify the information that you put in before and after making the submission. For instance, this includes co-signer approval, service referrals and prescriptions or even consent of the parents for the bill. Moreover, the district administrators and the individual providers both receive monthly accuracy reports.

Internet-Enabled Device Access

Since the Medicaid software programs are online, you can confirm the service delivery or update the records from anywhere. So, whether it is from the office or just while sipping a cup of coffee from home, meeting the claim deadlines is no longer a task. In other words, there are no inequitable caseloads to burden the staff.


The software is fed with processes and levels. So, nobody can surpass any level. Thus, there is transparency involved here as nobody can skip the levels and claim for reimbursement. Additionally, it is usually secured with passwords. As a result, there are fewer chances of leaking the data.

School-Based Medicaid Claiming Software

Hands-On Teaching

Another feature of having school-based Medicaid claiming software is knowing what goes where. Your faculty will receive training for feeding the software. So, the heads of the schools can simply go through the data once to check if everything is in control. You can track the activities too.

On the other hand, proper training calls out for any future administrative process required. There is no more need to maintain lengthy training material. All you have to do is understand the process of entering the data and processing it.

Direct Service

The mobile-based software assists in easy feeding and maintaining of the compliance data. Owing to this, when it comes to Fee-For-Service claiming, you do not have to juggle with heaps of papers.

That is to say, it optimizes the logging of data. Thus, you can log in to the sessions at a faster rate. Next, you can document a larger number of session logs. This reduces the timeframe between data entry and request for reimbursement. 


When so many factors can help you increase the audit-readiness of the most difficult tasks, why not purchase a school-based Medicaid claiming software to have a hassle-free process? New England Medical Billing has a long experience in offering school-based Medicaid and billing.

While maintaining FERPA and HIPAA compliance for the DSC and AAC programs, NEMB can surely help you with ethical and comprehensive medical billing services for your school. Our team can assist you in perfectly aligning the costs for reimbursements of administrative and medical services.


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