As the temperature rises and summer approaches, more employees will be willing to take time off. This might be a straightforward procedure for some companies, but it can bring management issues for others, especially in the healthcare sector. So summer vacation requests will likely arrive on your desk shortly.

Vacation provides clinicians and physicians with the opportunity to replenish and revitalize. Taking a prolonged break from work may help prevent chronic fatigue and caregiver exhaustion.

You understand. However, as a healthcare professional manager, you must balance your understanding of a physician’s need for leave off along with your duty to maintain proper staff numbers for patient care.

Consider these suggestions to assist your caregivers in getting crucial vacation time while ensuring you have sufficient clinicians available to offer the excellent care your patients deserve.

Commence the procedure early 

Remind employees about the organization’s vacation rules and procedures before the vacation arrives. This reminder has double functions. First, it enables you to express your dedication to abiding by the rules for the benefit of others. Second, it assists employees in scheduling their summer vacations following policy criteria.

Set deadlines for summer vacation applications

Unless forbidden (or mandated) by your hospital’s policy, you can establish your timeframe for physicians to submit vacation applications to you. So this allows you to estimate the impact of physician absences on your total staffing requirements based on historical population patterns. Further, allowing yourself this time to handle vacation requests enables you to communicate with individual physicians to maintain acceptable staffing levels while facilitating everyone’s vacation demands.

Consider employing seasonal or part-time employees

Several medical students might be eager to enhance their resumes with practical experience during the summer. Other experienced workers seeking to return to the workplace after an absence may choose part-time employment. Both are wonderful options for filling up openings in a summertime schedule. 

Request the scheduling choices of the physician.

Many emergency room physicians want work/life balance, just like everyone else. Without it, they may quickly grow exhausted. Therefore, it is essential to include their choices in the emergency services scheduling as much as possible. It is essential for doctor productivity and retention. You cannot meet a physician’s every choice, but you should strive to do so whenever possible.

Interact With the Team

Although planning is your decision, you must consult with your physicians. The summer schedule has the potential to become confrontational, but scheduling one or two discussions beforehand could create a change. If your hospital has a summertime scheduling policy, set up a meeting with the doctors to verify they all agree with or, at the very least, appreciate it. 

Motivate shifts on popular holiday days

If you discover that conflicting vacation applications will make it difficult to maintain appropriate coverage, you may choose to incentivize certain shifts to encourage staff to accept them. You may either communicate this either verbally or may highlight incentive shifts through a dedicated shift. So this allows any staff to register for the shift and receive a bonus. And the incentive need not be monetary. 

These low-cost choices improve morale, enable you to fulfill vacation demands, and save you from spending a fortune on contract staff to fill positions.

Final Say

Summer should not have to interfere with your usual activities.

Looking ahead for vacation periods, ensuring that everyone knows the procedures, and assigning vacations correctly will help you manage your vacation requests. Hopefully, these recommendations will help you make it through the summer and that you’re also able to plan a trip for yourself!


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