The School-Based Medicaid Program (SBMP) provides an efficient way for healthcare providers to claim reimbursements for the care and services they provide. Designed to facilitate billing for health services related to the educational needs of students, school-based Medicaid claiming is a common process for many schools across the state. Despite this, too many healthcare providers are spending an unnecessary amount of time billing for their services. Automate School-Based Medicaid Claiming.

When billing patients for private services, you may use in-house protocols and methodologies to create invoices, implement collections activity, and communicate with patients. If you’re utilizing the school-based Medicaid program, however, it isn’t enough to rely on your own in-house protocols. Instead, you’ll need to ensure that your Medicaid claims meet the relevant criteria and are accompanied by the appropriate documentation. 

Resolve Cash Flow Issues with Automated Claiming

Failing to submit a Medicaid claim correctly will inevitably mean that it’s returned to you unpaid. When a claim is rejected, you’ll need to identify exactly why it’s been declined and take the necessary steps to remedy the situation. Once you’ve taken the time to resolve this issue, you’ll then need to resubmit the claim and wait for it to be reprocessed. Providing the subsequent claim meets the relevant criteria, you should then receive payment for your services.

In reality, this process can take quite some time and it’s not unusual for medical practitioners and healthcare providers to wait months for bills to be paid and processed. If you want to speed up the procedure and benefit from regular, reliable cash flow, you may be considering automating your claims for school-based Medicaid services. 

Introducing Automated Medicaid Claiming

Instead of requiring a member of staff to deal with every school-based Medicaid claim, automation ensures that the vast majority of claims can be completed, submitted, and processed with minimal human involvement. 

While every claim will, of course, contain varying information, the actual claims process is largely the same for all school-based Medicaid claims. This means the procedure is relatively easy to automate. By using advanced software to instigate claims, you can ensure there’s no delay in submitting the required information prior to being reimbursed. 

This increased efficiency can have a major impact on your healthcare business, particularly if you routinely make school-based Medicaid claims. Rather than waiting days or weeks for a staff member to have the time to submit a claim, you can ensure that a claim is made automatically as soon as healthcare services have been provided. 

Automate School-Based Medicaid Claims Now

When you choose to implement automated school-based Medicaid claiming, you’ll notice the benefits right away. As well as increasing efficiency and ensuring you are reimbursed more quickly, you’ll free up your in-house resources and be able to redirect staff to tasks that require a more nuanced approach. 

However, choosing the right automation tools is the key to success. At New England Medical Billing, we specialize in automated school-based Medicaid claiming and are happy to provide the advice and assistance you need. To find out more, contact us on 888–771–6115 or 508–297–2068 now.


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