Are you a professional that offers speech pathology and audiology services in schools? If yes, then you must be looking for a medical billing company that issues reimbursement of your services with minimal hassle and easy-to-complete paperwork. With New England School-Based Medicaid Billing Solutions, you can look forward to the easy and timely processing of all your claims which need not stress you out.

We, New England Medical Billing company, are pioneers when it comes to claims and billing of school-based services, including speech pathology and audiology services rendered in these schools. But what puts us at the forefront of processing claims related to school-based services like speech pathology and audiology service is a combination of various factors – from a software system that simplifies the submission of paperwork to ensuring service providers don’t suffer from too much paperwork and administrative stuff, which eats into their productive time and can also be complicated at times.

Our proprietary software – SimpleNote

SimpleNote enables speech pathology and audiology providers like you to input data in a straightforward, easy-to-understand and hassle-free manner.

Get Reimbursed for Providing Speech Pathology and Audiology Services In Your School

Brochure Download – SimpleNote School-Based Medicaid Documentation and Billing Software

Check and Track Eligibility

After completing the complicated paperwork and administrative task of claims submission, we move forward to checking and tracking eligibility. This also includes ensuring submission of clean claims – meaning you have no scope for rejection of claims.

Make Successful Claims

In the rare scenario that you experience claim rejection, we work upon it as soon as possible. Certainly, we try to convert it into a successful claim.

Complete Reimbursement Process

Lastly, this step shows that you have completed the reimbursement for your speech pathology and audiology services.

All you need to do as a practicing speech pathology and audiology service provider is to take some time to get used to our secure system, SimpleNote. If you would like a one on one live demonstration of SimpleNote please contact us today.


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