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Your ambulance service has been billing in-house for decades. However, your biller is set to retire and is the only person in the company that understands the billing procedure. Moreover, your company has only ever known in-house billing. Further, you’ve probably only heard of third-party billing companies and the idea of ambulance billing outsourcing. And that’s what a Vermont Ambulance Billing Company is. 

We have years of experience assisting ambulance businesses in increasing revenue while reducing downtime. In addition, we specialize in generating documents to have invoices paid, ensuring timely reimbursements, and coordinating and following up with delays.

The Need for Outsourcing Ambulance Billing

We are better at understanding the peculiarities of ambulance billing since we have a dedicated staff of coders that have dealt with the complications before. 

So, documenting an emergency condition, defining the requirement for emergency transportation, and identifying and applying applicable codes and recommendations for physician and non-physician caregivers are just a few of the critical components that our coders are well-versed in. 

Certainly, we rely on this expertise to ensure that your service gets compensated on time. Thus, with a Vermont Ambulance Billing Company at your service, you will focus on only one thing: delivering exceptional patient care. 

The Benefits of Outsourcing Ambulance Billing Services

There are several advantages to outsourcing ambulance medical billing. That is to say, it aids in increasing the efficiency of your emergency response team by relieving them of the burden of EMS billing on their own. So, even if you have a different section of billers and coders performing the work, outsourcing the entire process might free up IT and infrastructure resources that the billing department would otherwise consume.

Besides, when you outsource your ambulance billing services to Vermont Ambulance Billing Company, you ought to receive the best services. For over a decade, we’ve been offering top-notch ambulance medical billing outsourcing solutions to clients in the EMS business. Thus, we’ve created a wide range of specialized services and solutions specifically tailored to our clients’ demands using this knowledge.

Our Ambulance Billing Procedure 

  • Support for all documentation
  • Insurance claim submission electronically
  • Receiving payments from insurance companies via direct deposit
  • Prior authorization assistance for Medicare patients who visit the doctor regularly
  • Following up on claims regularly and promptly.
  • Billing procedure that is unique to you
  • Patient statements tailored to your agency’s needs
  • Enrollment support, revalidations, and enrolment updates are all available.
  • Respond to patient demands.

Why Outsource Your Ambulance Billing Services to Us?

Being the top Vermont Ambulance Billing Company, we offer a holistic approach to ambulance billing. 

  • Increasing your revenue by filing more accurate claims and successfully following up with patients who haven’t yet settled.
  • Assuring streamlined follow of the most recent billing and coding standards and regulations.
  • Skilled and professionally trained billers and coders. 
  • Providing detailed and insightful reporting 
  • Accessibility to the services at all times of the day and night. We have a point of contact who can always help you to answer questions.

Contact us now and discover the advantages of outsourcing Ambulance Billing Services.


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