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The Best Ambulance Billing Services in Maine

When transferring a patient, the last issue you would like to worry about is billing and collecting the fees. But, that is our responsibility. 

We are the leading Maine Ambulance Billing Company and manage ambulance billing with care, efficiency, and adherence. Also, we make things easier, more efficient, and economical for emergency service providers.

Further, we can communicate with you, your employees, and your patients courteously and professionally. That’s because we combine high-tech billing solutions with a personalized connection.

For years, our billers have specialized in Ambulance Medical Billing Services. So, we can offer straightforward billing solutions. Likewise, our team tries to meet the complex needs of a variety of agencies, including Medicare. 

Because we are a Maine Ambulance Billing Company, be assured that the entire billing process is smooth, fast, and transparent. 

Why choose Maine Ambulance Billing Company for billing services?

Ambulance firms must be paid to continue providing a reliable service to patients. So, our goal is to keep you from becoming entangled in complicated billing processes which result in non-payment. In addition, we work to establish a successful billing system for you, and work even harder to leverage best practices and processes. 

As the leading Maine Ambulance Billing Company, we reduce the risks by efficiently processing the information provided at the time of service, and using our tools, connectivity and experience to augment insufficient paperwork. Theses best practices result in accurate first pass billing and efficient patient billing when no valid insurance is identified.

Here are some more compelling reasons to team up with us:

  • Billing that is both efficient and dependable
  • Ambulance Coders who are certified
  • Personalized Reports Package that meets your needs
  • Regular Denials Follow-up
  • Personalized Communications
  • Ongoing training opportunities for your front line employees collecting patient information 
  • 24/7 Remote access 
  • Electronic Filing of Claims

How can we help to improve your operations?

As the leading Maine Ambulance Billing Company, our service and expertise ensure Medicare and Medicaid service providers are reimbursed properly. Thus, we ensure that your major business operations aren’t disrupted by ambulance billing non-payment or compliance issues. 

  • We are familiar with the complexities of Medicare and Medicaid billing and have the resources necessary to bill these claims using the correct codes and techniques.

Our Extensive Experience

Our extensive experience is what makes us the leading Maine Ambulance Billing Company. 

  • We are full service – start to finish billing – including payment, write-offs, and collections.
  • Whether you want to outsource your EMS billing entirely or just need help with your current billing, we can help.
  • You can strengthen your financial situation and improve your income stream.
  • Claims are reviewed on a structured basis , and if a denial gets issued, we will deal directly with the insurance provider to resolve the situation.
  • There are no hidden fees in our medical billing services.

Contact us now to streamline your entire ambulance billing and reimbursement.


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